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Welcome to KARUNIKA!

As an international charity, KARUNIKA supports projects whose primary goal is to help the poorest and rejected. We work in the fields where other charitable organizations have found it difficult to initiate and sustain humanitarian work.
KARUNIKA’s efforts focus on projects where providing humanitarian aid is particularly challenging but desperately needed.


Targeted help

  • KARUNIKA offers a school for children
  • KARUNIKA looks after abandoned street children
  • KARUNIKA protects orphans from life-long poverty
  • KARUNIKA supports orphanges
  • KARUNIKA offers professional training for single mothers and unprivileged men in order to give them a chance to earn a living
  • KARUNIKA serves warm meals to homeless people
  • KARUNIKA offers life-saving surgical operations
  • KARUNIKA promotes organic farming and production of health supplements

Our help


In order to help people in places where help is needed in the most efficient and pragmatic way possible, KARUNIKA consciously avoids political activity. Instead we aim to forge a dialogue with the local authorities in order to establish a sustainable, long-term support plans.

KARUNIKA is politically neutral and non-religious organization. KARUNIKA’s help comes from human empathy and kindness. Gifted, compassionate people from all over the world share their skills and experience to give others a chance. Most KARUNIKA staff work as volunteers, helping in their free time.